When: June 25-29 6-8 (Concessions at 5:30)
Cost: FREE
Concessions available for purchase.


Can I bring friends?

Bring as many as you want! Just makes sure to have them register either at the welcome center at NHF or sign up below.

I’m a parent and I can’t be there due to work or other obligations, can my kid(s) still come?

Absolutely your kids can still come! We will have teams (clans) that will be there with your kid(s).

What will we be doing at Mega Family Games?

We will playing some wacky games. Games that are familiar yet bigger than normal. Games that will be messy, and games that will be wet. Each night will have a theme associate with the games. For example, we will have Messy Monday and Wet Wednesday. 

I don’t have any kids at home, but this sure sounds like a lot of fun. Can I be a part of this? 

Absolutely! We believe we are all family at New Hope Fellowship and anyone else will quickly become a part of our family that wants to attend. Come and be part of this fun time.

What do I need to wear to Mega Family Games?

First of all, you should always wear tennis shoes to every night.  Wear old clothes, we will get messy and/or wet. 

Will there be food there?

Yes, we will have food available at our cost. 5:30-7:45

What does it cost to attend Mega Family Games?

The Games are absolutely free! This costs nothing but time.

When are the Mega Family Games? 

The Games are June 25th-29th from 6pm-8pm. Registration on Sunday June 25th will begin at 5:30pm. Pre-Rally activities begin at 5:50pm and will include BONUS POINTS!

What ages can attend Mega Family Games?

Any age! We encourage all ages to participate in the games. We will have everyone (families, friends and anyone wanting to attend) placed into teams we call clans. That clan will help to support families and if you have a little one but you want to participate in a game, let another clan member help you out.


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