Our Pastoral Staff

Dan and Nora Ross

When Pastor Dan came to New Hope Fellowship in 2002, it was a church of 70 people mostly over 70. With great love, he said, "I want to be the one to perform your funerals." In an age of pastors maintaining a very short tenure, Pastor Dan knew he wanted to be at New Hope Fellowship until he retired. He brought his family and the church continued to grow. In 2011, Pastor Dan felt he could better lead with more education. He went back to school and completed his Degree in Business Administration from Evangel. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Dan led the transition from the Sugar Creek location to our current location on Antire Road. Pastor Dan is a dreamer and a motivator. He loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. He leads best with a strong team around him, and he would not be the pastor he is without his wife, Pastor Nora. She has been a huge part of Pastor Dan's ministry since the beginning. She prays fervently, and the Lord has used her mightily. She is currently a teacher, but her heart is ministry at the church. She is the leader of Ladies of Hope, our thriving women's ministry. Pastor Dan and Nora have followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and the church has been blessed because of it.
Pastor Daniel joined the team as the youth leader for Hillsboro and the music leader for both campuses in 2010 while still a student in Springfield. As he finished his classes online, he and Rachel began a relationship. They married in 2014, and she did her student teaching in Valley Park School District. At the end of the school year, she was offered a job as Chemistry and Physical Sciences teacher as well as a position coaching middle school girls' basketball. Daniel and Rachel lead a young adult small group and both serve on the worship team.
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